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Jono Sayer
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Where would the fun in telling about myself be?

Jono Sayer is the strongest fire wizard of his generation in the wizarding city of Quarim as well as their Oracle, the most powerful and theoretically most influential. He's also a telepath.

Confident, smug and spoiled, he believes that he should get everything he wants. His lofty and powerful positions don't help change his mind on these ideas. However, like anyone in a position of power, there are downsides. As Oracle he is restricted from having much contact with the outside world. He can't see his own future. If he becomes involved in the world then it becomes part of his future and he won't be able to predict it.

This becomes a serious problem when he insists on keeping his friendship, and then romantic interests, with the first elmental wizard born in a thousand years, Alec. A wizard who can control all four elements and a wizard who is bound by the Fey.

After all, if he can't see Alec's future because they've become so close together, how is he supposed to see the problems that are on the horizon because of Alec's existence?

More info here.

((Jono is an OC that belongs to me and belongs to the same canon-verse that elementwizard does. The non-Gary Stu parts of Alec, at least...ish. He doesn't know about the fourth wall, unlike Alec, is what I'm saying.))